Standard Products

Standard Table of Benefits
CMPA Lebanon Standard Products 
  ProgramMutual Upgraded Plus
Geographic coverageMENA, France
In-Hospital: General Conditions
Financial LimitationUnlimited
Other Limitation720 days per lifetime
NetworkFull, Restricted, Network Variation
    Guaranteed Renewability  From day 0 between 0 and 46 yrs inclusive, after one year if over 46 yrs
International Assistance
Access to Worldwide Network (through IAG)No
Medical Emergency ReferralNo
Medical TransportationNo
Repatriation after treatmentNo
Repatriation in case of deathNo
Emergency visit from country of residenceNo
In-Hospital: General Benefits
Medical, Surgical or Endoscopic TreatmentCovered
Emergency TreatmentCovered
Appendectomy by Laparoscopic MaterialsCovered
Pre-Operative TestsCovered
Physiotherapy Treatment related to a Covered HospitalizationCovered
Home Care following HospitalizationCovered
Parental AccomodationCovered
Hospital Daily IndemnityNot Covered
Morgue and Burial ExpensesCovered up to USD 2,000
Uninterrupted HospitalizationUp to 30 days after policy Expiry
In-Hospital: Maternity and Congenital Cases
Delivery (Normal and Ceasarian)Covered after 1 year
Coverage of New Born babyFrom day zero
Free of Charge Insurance for Eligible New BornYes
Nursery Boarding CostCovered
    Baby IncubatorCovered for an unlimited no of days irrespective of the mother’s stay at hospital (after registration)
Pediatric ConsultationLimited to one per delivery
Circumcision if performed during same confinementCovered
EpiduralCovered after 1 year
25 Congenital Cases correctable by surgeryCovered
Additional Congenital CasesCovered
Maternity Complications (including Medically Justified Abortion)Covered
Abortion Not Medically MandatedNot covered
Guthrie TestCovered
Amnisure TestCovered
In-Hospital: Accidents
Work Related AccidentsCovered
  ProgramMutual Upgraded Plus
Dental and Gum Medical or Surgical Treatment including Prothesis and Disorder of Temporomandibular JointsCovered
Cosmetic and/or Plastic SurgeriesCovered
Nose Related Surgeries (Post Accident)Covered, after accident without waiting period
The Cost of All Kinds of ProsthesisCovered
Rehabilitation Post Cardio-Vascular AccidentCovered
In-Hospital: Prosthesis (Not Accident Related)
  Mesh Related to Hernia Surgeries        Covered up to USD 30,000 per admission
  Coronary Stent
Cardiac Valve
TVT related to Cystocele
Other Prosthesis
In-Hospital: Organ Transfer and Transplantation
  Surgery of Organ Transfer and/or TransplantationCovered up to USD 60,000 per case per lifetime
  Surgery of Bone Marrow Transfer and/or TransplantationCovered up to USD 60,000 per case per lifetime
Cornea Transplant (Surgery Cost)Covered
Cornea Transplant (Cost of Transfer – Transportation Fees)Covered up to USD 2,000 per admission
In-Hospital: Cancer
Breast Re-ConstructionCovered
In-Hospital: Heart Procedures
AngioplastySubject to a 3 months waiting period
Open HeartSubject to a 3 months waiting period
In-Hospital: Kidney Diseases
Acute Renal FailureCovered
Peritoneal dialysis, Hemodialysis and Arterio VenostomyNot Covered
In-Hospital: Psychatric Illnesses
  Mental or Psychiatric Disorders, Nervous Breakdown and Psychological Tests or EvaluationsPsychotic Disorders (e.g. Schizophrenia) are covered up to 30 days per person per year
Rest Cures, Sanatorium, Custodial Care and Period of QuarantineNot Covered
In-Hospital: Sexual Diseases, Infertility and Birth Control
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and all related treatments,including HIVNot covered
Birth Control ProceduresNot covered
EndometriosisNot covered
Tubal LigationsNot covered
Infertility/Sterility TreatmentCovered
In-Vitro and Artificial InseminationNot covered
Sexually Fortifying Treatment, ImpotenceNot covered
Procedures Related to Change of SexNot covered
In-Hospital: Sleep Disorder
Sleep Disorder Treatments and PolysomnographyCovered
In-Hospital: Other Benefits
Weight Control Procedures and SurgeriesMorbid Obesity Surgery only is covered
Suicide and Self-Inflicted InjuryNot covered
AlcoholismNot covered
Drug AddictionNot covered